From our friend Franz:

"'That is my hunger,' I told myself countless times..., as if I wanted to convince myself that my hunger and I were still two things and I could shake it off like a burdensome lover; but in reality we were very painfully one, and when I explained to myself: 'That is my hunger,' it was really my hunger that was speaking and having its joke at my expense. A bad, bad time!"

In case you missed it, see also the latest news from Colorado.


From Guillermo Rosales

"In my dream, although men tied me up as a punishment, I had great power over the world's animals. 'Octopi!' I screamed. 'Bring me a shell engraved with the Statue of Liberty.' And the large cartilaginous octopi toiled with their tentacles to find that shell among the millions and million of shells in the sea. Then they found it and struggled to bring it up to the rock where I was captive and where they oh so humbly and respectfully handed it over to me. I looked at the shell, let out a peal of laughter, and threw it scornfully into the great void. The octopi all shed large, crystalline tears at my cruelty. But I laughed at their weeping, and roared, 'Bring me another one just like it!'"

The Halfway House, 1987


They're breeding like rabbits out there:


That's Me on the Bench


News of the World

Muammar Qaddafi is dead. Being ghoulish, I clicked the link on the Los Angeles Times page promising photos of dead Qaddafi. Seeing is believing, etc. One immediately opened, filling my screen—a low-res, cell-phone image of Qaddafi's squashed, bloodied face—and just as quickly evaporated, leaving only a photo of triumphant rebels crowding atop a tank. I reloaded and it happened again: the triumphant rebels reappeared and right beneath them, dead Qaddafi. There was something awful and strangely fetal about the way his face had collapsed. You could just make out a hand beneath his left shoulder, dragging him perhaps. And then he was gone, the image was gone, and only the joyous rebels remained, their Kalashnikovs high in the air. Try it yourself: real-time haunting on the interweb.

In other news, this kind and thoughtful review of Ether from Zyzzyva.